Designing your dream relationship

The desire to love and be loved is a beautiful gift we get to experience when we open our hearts to welcome it in. 

I was widowed in 2002 and divorced in 2016.  Walking
through two different spectrums of brokenness has
led me on a path of great healing and self discovery. 

The power of love has always been a home base for me.  I believe that love is the core from which we radiate in life.   Divine Love from Above, cultivating self love, loving those around us, creation, and the beautiful connection of soul love with a life partner.  

Jen Johnson and I have teamed up to mentor, coach, and create a guide that will refresh your spirit and prepare yourself for love.  Our desire is to guide you on a journey to create the life you dream of and design your new love story. 

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Session Style Guide


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