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Kelsie Ann
"Jenn took some pictures for the Southern Illinois Diamond Girls, and they were amazing!! She interacted with ALL of us and made ALL of us feel beautiful! We loved being dolled up in her studio, which at the time was her house, she let us all come in and take over her personal space and didn't mind a bit! She ALSO has taken pictures of my boyfriend and I, and WILL be my photographer on my big day! i know my photos will always turn out great when shes behind the lens! i admire all of her work and appreciate the time she puts in to your sessions individually! i also like her sassy -love life attitude:)"

Tiffany Kluck
"Jenn is the best! She takes fantastic pictures and makes you feel comfortable while doing it. I wont go anywhere else to have pictures taken! Love love love her!"

April Kain
"I absolutely recommend Jenn! She is awesome, so sweet, patient and dedicated to getting the right shot. I can't praise her work enough."

Tammy Riley

"Jenn is very Personable & Fun! She gives off great energy that is passed on to her clients!!"

Britni Woodworth

"Jenn is amazing!! She gave me the confidence to be in front of the camera. And her hair/makeup artist, Kayla Brown, made me look the way I've always wanted. If you haven't had a glam session better get one booked! Best experience ever. <3"

Barbie Hosmon

"My five kids said that taking their picture with Jenn was the most fun with a photographer they had ever had"

Jamie Fradelos

"Jenn is the most talented photographer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her beautiful soul coupled with her exquisite vision places Jenn a step above everyone else. I have never been so happy with family photos as I was when we got ours and, based on that experience and others, Jenn will be our photographer of choice for the foreseeable future."

Nicole Hodson
"She is an absolutely AMAZING photographer and is extremely passionate about what she does!! I would recommend her over any photographer any day. Five Stars all the way! Everyone book an appointment with her!! :)"

Mercedes Hill

"I love Jenn & her assistants! She's always taken my son's pictures for any occasion. She's awesome. My kid already knows to start smiling when he sees her, I've never felt uncomfortable with her taking our pictures. I highly recommend her!"

Matt and Ellen Anderson
"With 4 children, ages 2 months to 8 years, family photos can be a challenge. Jenn was patient in the midst of our chaos and creative with our poses, but most of all, she was a ball of fun! Jenn had a way of capturing who we really are in our photos. We really love her photography but especially love her for who she is. We highly recommend her for your photo needs."

Rebecca Preston

"I had so much fun working with Jenn! She took amazing pictures of me & made me feel completely comfortable! I would highly recommend her & can't wait till I can do another photo shoot with her! Thank You so much Jenn!! "

Sarah Ehlers
"Jenn is not only a friend of mine, but she was an EXCELLENT photographer for our wedding two years ago! She was great to work with and really did her part in making sure she got the shots I requested. She was super creative and came so well prepared...Even considering she was traveling a few states away in order to do my photos! My husband and I are still extremely happy with our pictures and love to go back and look at them.
The best part? She was affordable! I know how hard it is to find a photographer who is not only great at what they do, but who isn't going to charge you an arm and a leg for awesome wedding pictures. My best friend recently got married and hired Jenn to do her pictures because she liked her so much at my wedding...She couldn't believe how affordable J Fortune Photography was!
Not only have I had the pleasure of having Jenn as my wedding photographer, but I met her during her "pre-photographer" days when we worked together in a bookstore. I know FIRST HAND that this is one girl who will go the extra mile for you on your wedding day. She strives for excellence in her career AND her everyday life. She is the sweetest, kindest, most fun person you will ever meet...And you really just need to hire her to be your wedding photographer! TRUST ME! :)"

Vi Stearns
"Jen is FANTASTIC!!! She made our Murphysboro 35th yr Class Reunion a time to remember. Everyone loved her & the fun way she did the photos. She even got EVERYONE of the classmates in the pix. She took such wonderful candid photos. SO creative & fun and professional! (Right down MY alley)... Will recommend her for any party or wedding. Thank you SOOO very much, Jenn."

Angela Myers
"Jen is great! She just has such a fun personality and made the photo shoot fun and comfortable. She has a lot of great ideas to try out as well! Jake and I had so much fun and the final project turned out great! She took so many photos... too many... which was great... Better to have too many... than to miss out on a moment... Without her photos I wouldn't have any idea of what happened during the wedding and after party... it seemed as if it was over in 30 seconds... her photos help tell the whole story! THANK YOU!"

Lauren Hall
"Jenn took some AMAZING maternity photos of me. Some of which were partially nude photos and she made me feel extremely comfortable and beautiful and just all around at ease with my body the entire time. She truly captured the beauty and magic of pregnancy! I couldn't recommend her more highly!"

Helen Dobbs
"Jen is the only person who can make me look good! I am not photogenic but Jen always makes me feel comfortable so I stop making my strange faces! All of my favorite pictures she has taken. When I picked up my latest pictures Jen took the photo developer admitted to going through my pictures to get ideas for her photo shoot. Jen is so creative. She does more than take your picture - she makes art!"

Amanda Hand
"Jenn is amazing. I met her when she was photographing one of her first weddings (my best friends) and I was so impressed with how easygoing she was and then also with the photos that she took. When I got engaged, I explored several photographers, but didn't find any with Jenn's easygoing personality or with the ability to get such wonderful 'non-posed' shots. My husband didn't get a chance to meet her until our engagement session, but he was immediately put at ease and liked her a lot!!She did both our engagement session and our wedding! She can find a creative shot just about anywhere and I loved how she got photos of things we didn't know she was photographing. A few times we were just being our silly selves, but those are some of our favorite photos. We were laughing the whole time and she was so patient with us. She has been very understanding about it taking us forever to decide which photos we'd like from our wedding. I'm so blessed that God put Jenn in my life two years ago, when I didn't know I was looking for a photographer. She is an amazing woman of God and is using the gifts that God has blessed her with."

Jenny McClure
"Jenn is an amazing photographer!!! I had such a great time working with her. It was a really fun experience! Jenn is so creative and has so many great ideas! She creates a comfortable, fun environment while creating amazing pictures! I highly recommend J Fortune Photography and Sassy Sweetheart Boudoir! :D"

Stevenney Wong
"I LOVE Jenn!!!!! :) She made an unforgettable day for my girls!!!! :) We all enjoyed ourselves, laughed, teased... just had a crazy fun time with her! She's really anointed in taking pictures! :) Thank you Jenn, for loving Jesus and allowing Him to love all of us through your love for taking photos!!!! :) in Him, Stevenney"

Alicia Colloton Gill
"My family and I have had our pictures taken by Jenn a couple of times. She's wonderful to work with, super sweet. She made everyone comfortable, we really had a lot of fun! Thanks so much Jenn! =)"

Cynthia Lively
"Jenn took our first pictures as a couple and I was very pleased. I can tell she loves her work!! We are looking forward to another photo shoot with her outdoors. I can't stop looking at our photos!!!!!!"

Dan Shirley
"Jenn did an awesome job on the photos of us. We had such a fun and relaxing time during the photo shoot. I am totally pleased and am looking forward to having more pictures taken in the near future."

Tawnya Odum
"Jenn's done an amazing job on our family pictures. She made our kids feel relaxed and comfortable which made for great photos. We are so very pleased with the photos she took! We can't wait to have her do more pictures for us!!"

Brandi Middleton
"Jennifer is such a talented photographer. Her photo helped me win my first pageant back after 12 years of retirement. She has a creative eye, and makes you feel so relaxed and beautiful. She is truly an amazing photographer and person."

Melody Rowe
"Jenn does an absolutely fabulous job with her photo shoots. She really captures the personality and interests of the people she is photographing. And she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. She is truly a joy to work with! Plus the photos looked amazing!"

Michelle Harris
"Seeing Jenn in action makes you feel like you are at a photo shoot without all the strings attached. Her personality and technical ability make the experience of being photographed one that you will want to come back to. She makes you feel like a rock star and doesn't mind asking you to do something fun or crazy :)
I love Jenn and her pictures!"

Michael Raatz
"Jenn took some pictures of me in my military uniform, and I think they look great. I'm usually self conscious about pictures of myself, but she's done a commendable job with the ones she took of me."

Ian and Emily Lohnes
"We love Jenn's Photography. She shows through her photos that beauty can be found in places it wouldn't normally Be found. She captures all of the little moments that inspire and create memories that will last a lifetime. Jenn allows you to choose your location if you want, and to explore your own creativity. We laughed throughout the entire photo shoot, and I will never forget the memories we made that day. She is a 5-Star photographer.. and will provide you with the best and most professional photography service around..
Thank you Jenn for showing us that photography can be personal and professional at the same time. Love you, thanks again for all of your help.
Emily and Ian"

Amber Whiteaker
"Jenn did a fantastic job with our engagement photos (and wedding, too)!!! She explored different settings by taking us outdoors and then finishing up indoors...complete with studio backdrops. We had a blast and found ourselves laughing constantly. Jenn has a knack for putting you at ease and making sure you don't feel too self-conscious about how you look. She makes you look and feel beautiful...always!!! Jenn captures the special little moments that many people miss between you and your significant other. Then, she exploits them and turns them into your favorite pictures! :)
Thank you, Jenn, for allowing God to show His beauty through your camera's eye. You are amazing! :)"

Helen Dobbs
"I have loved all of my experiences with being photographed by Jennifer Fortune. I do not normally feel comfortable in front of a camera but Jenn has the ability to put you at ease instantly. She is also fantastic at finding your best angle and being incredibly creative in knowing what pose or setting will look best for you. She has done my engagement, maternity, and baby photos and I absolutely love them!"

Angela Meyers
"Jennifer was my (our) photographer at our wedding in March 2010. She was simply amazing. She had all sorts of ideas for shots and was open and took the time to hear some of our ideas. It was great to have her imagination around, without it I think our pictures would be fairly boring... I didn't have many ideas, I had no idea what to expect. She was professional and also so funny. My husband (whom I love very much) is a very quiet and sincere person and she got him out of his shell. All of his smiles were real! No needing to say "cheese" and smiling. All around Jennifer is amazing at what she does... She has a real gift! Thank you for what you do!!!"

Sweetheart "S"
Let me just say Jen is AMAZING! I am a mother of two beautiful girls one is 7yrs old and one is 21 months. My husband is active duty Army and currently lives 600 miles away in Georgia. He is scheduled to deploy for his fourth tour in June. I figured some boudoir would be a perfect way to spice things up with the distance. As a teen I had modeling agencies from TX and CA wanting me to move and pursue a modeling career. My body before kids used to be ROCKIN'! haha. I used to have complete confidence and when I would look in the mirror I loved myself. After two hard pregnancies, my body is now my most sensitive subject. I critique everything about myself. It's hard to look in the mirror and see the body I have now and not compare it to the body I had when I was young. I find the toughest job about being a mother is finding a way to feel sexy again. Jen quickly picked up on that lack of confidence and was enthusiastic in making me feel beautiful and sexy again. And she did! When I seen the pictures I was amazed. I won't lie there were still things I critqued on myself but I looked at the pictures and seen the beauty in me again. I finally proved to myself that I can be a wife and mother and still be sexy. THANK YOU, JENNIFER!!! God has no doubt given you a gift with that camera to capture the beauty in all. Your amazing! :)

Sweetheart "K"
"Today I had an amazing photo shoot with Jenn Fortune. I originally was referred from one of my friends, but hesitated because it was something that was out of my comfort zone. As Valentine's Day was approaching I was trying to decide what I could give my husband while he was currently deployed to Afghanistan. I wanted to give him something personal and from the heart, I like much more sentimental things.
So, when Jenn posted a message about a story of a soldier she had met that week it really touched me, that's when I commented on her post. She immediately commented back and wanted to do pictures and while I was hesitant I figured why not I'lll give it a shot after all it's for my husband and no one else will see them.
I went in for a 30 min shoot and we had a blast I was there about 3 hours and felt like we had been friends for years. It wasn't like anything I ever thought it would be there wasn't any awkwardness or weirdness she made it a very comfortable and an inviting experience. Also it was a lot of fun!
Photography to her is much more than just taking pretty pictures it's about capturing those special moments in your life that you cherish or with the ones that you love. This in itself is worth having her capture those moments in your life because to her it's not just another photo shoot or another client coming in and you have to get in and get out cause she's got somewhere to go and things to do. She really cares about her clients and wants them to feel good about their pictures and really feel good about themselves!
I will definitely be returning to her for pictures in the future and referring everyone I know to her! It was great to work with you Jenn "

Sweetheart "J"
"I was referred by Sweetheart "S" after seeing some of her pictures. I wanted to get my husband a birthday present that he wouldn't forget. When I arrived, I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. Jenn was so comforting and I didn't feel the least bit shy after about 15 minutes. Her studio is private and she made me feel that I was beautiful. After seeing some of the proofs the very next day, I was completely not prepared to see how sexy and beautiful she saw me through the camera. My husband and I were in awe as to how professional the photos were, and had such a difficult time choosing the ones we wanted.Having my photos taken by Jenn in such a private way, not only improved my self-esteem and confidence, but made me feel proud to be my age and body-type. This was not only a gift for him, but one for me as well. I will return in the future!"

Sweetheart "L"
"I had so much fun having Jenn do boudoir pictures of me. I expected to be really nervous, but Jenn quickly put me at ease. I love how the pictures turned out! Jenn listened to me when I told her what I liked and disliked about my body, and she did a great job in bringing out what I love and hiding what I dont. I never thought I would look as good as I do in those pictures! Jenn is amazing!"

Sweetheart "T"
"I had a wonderful experience working with Jenn, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. The pictures turned out so beautiful! I had Book made for my husband for his birthday. I was so excited when I got the book, I gave it to him early.he loved it! He had no idea and was so surprised that I did something like that. He said it was his favorite gift that he'd ever gotten! I'm so glad I did this and will definitely do it again. Thank you for making this experience a great one."

Sweetheart "S"
"One of my best friends suggested we do photos with Jenny as Christmas gifts for our husbands. I agreed, but was nervous about the shoot. Jenn showed me the first photo she took and I couldn't believe it was me! I had never felt so beautiful, sexy and confident in my life. She made the shoot so comfortable that I was surprised by how confident I felt in all the sexy outfits. It was a blast to do the photo shoot with Jenn and two of my friends. Every woman deserves to feel so good about herself. Amidst all the many roles in life a woman fills, the photos are a great reminder of the beautiful and sexy side every woman has in her."

Sweetheart "D"
"I had boudoir photos taken by Jenn with my two besties! None of us had ever had photos like these taken before and it was a bit of a nervous experience going in. But Jenn made us feel right at home. She was such a pleasure to work with and coached us through the whole process. She made a gift for my husband that he will treasure forever and I am so thankful that she uses her time and talents to show women how beautiful they are and to show men how much their ladies love them. If you have ever thought about doing something like this, take your best friends! It was seriously a great time and such a confidence booster :) Thank you Jenn!"