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Jenn was born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu Hawaii and now resides in Southern Illinois.

Always having a passion for photography, a few years ago she decided to make a career of it. Jenn has been mentored and taught by some of the best photographers in the field of photography. She is continually learning and expanding her technique and creativity. Like all professional photographers, her personality comes through her lens and shines through in her photos.

You will rarely see her without a camera. She's always ready to take a picture of something that catches her eye...from a beautifully prepared dish at a local restaurant to a golden sunset over a lake.

Professional grade photography is a great way to capture those special times in our lives. Whether it's a milestone or an ongoing journey we are on. There is such a big and beautiful world out there and so many stories to tell through the art of photography ! Jenn desires to be that artist for you and to tell your story through her photos!